Our first post: An Introduction to Kitchup – Charlie Jones – Founder

This is our first blog post and we want to give you an introduction to our founder Charlie Jones and his motivations behind setting up Kitchup. We also will be telling you about the kind of things you can expect to see on the blog, why we are writing it and how it can hopefully help your business.

Charlie most certainly lives to eat. With food running thick in the family blood with his Grandpa being head of catering at BP Charlie was always destined to work in the food industry. His first ever job at the age of 14 was as a kitchen porter in the local pub providing him with a bit of pocket money and some grass roots experience of what it took to run a food operation (even if the microwave was the preferred method of cooking). Charlie went on to build some valuable experience across a number of roles within hotels, restaurants and most notably for the Mclaren owned catering company Absolute Taste. Working within Operations & Client Relations for the private jet team he was tasked with ensuring efficient delivery and outstanding quality of on board food to the London private jet market. The next step in Charlie’s career saw him go and work for a delivery partner of the Government funded Start Up Loans Scheme, helping the mentoring team provide vital support to start-up businesses.

This experience in food and business lead Charlie to create Kitchup. Wanting to combine his love of food and business to build a community in which food businesses can grow he set himself the task of figuring out what problems and barriers food organisations faced when starting out. Kitchen space seemed to be a recurring challenge, with start-ups finding home kitchens not practical and having their own commercial kitchen too expensive. With over 50,000 catering companies in London Charlie knew there must be a solution to this problem and there was — sharing. The sharing economy has become a developing industry over the past few years with companies such as Airbnb using already positioned assets to offer a service that wasn’t previously there. This concept has been applied to Kitchup and we have reached out to a number of commercial kitchen owners to see how their kitchen can be better utilised and whether it can be rented to another business when not being used by its original owner. With sharing being at the core of what we believe in we are hoping this will create a supportive community where food businesses can grow and thrive.

As we mentioned, sharing is at the centre of our beliefs so we want to share with you quality content from the food industry. Our blog will be the place to check in and find inspiration from successful food entrepreneurs, insight from industry experts, latest news on start-up food businesses and interesting articles on a range of topics in the food industry.

There is no doubt that blogs are big business in food with many entrepreneurs making their living through writing a blog. Whether a blog is the reason for you being in business or just a part of what you do, it is not something to be overlooked. So when you are building your business have a think about what you can do to add value to your customers experience on the site. Your blog is not primarily a selling tool, it is a way to engage, educate and add value to your customer’s user journey. If there is anything you want to see on the blog then just write to us and let us know info@kitchup.co.uk



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