Amazon Restaurants – the new delivery service

The first thing I do as part of my morning routine (like most I am sure) is check my phone. My typical loop will be Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Sky news, Business Insider and then repeat until I have skimmed most news articles, seen Jenny’s summer holiday pictures at least 5 times and made that downward thumb swipe on Instagram to load more pictures until you have no more. This morning I managed to disrupt my morning routine because instead of a skim read I was engrossed by an article on Business Insider, “Amazon reportedly gears up for restaurant delivery in London”, and it got me thinking.

The article was bringing to my attention the imminent launch of “Amazon Restaurants”. Already available in 10 cities across the USA the e-commerce platform is joining the growing Deliveroo and recently launched Uber Eats in delivering restaurant food to your door – Is there room for another? With Deliveroo already having 3000 delivery workers delivering from 2500 partner restaurants across London you would think not. However Amazon are approaching some local restaurants to partner and are rumoured to be taking a 27.5% service fee from them on each order.

A growing market?

With these well funded companies investing time and money into servicing the restaurant delivery market I have the optimistic opinion that the market is only going to grow. I mean I don’t think you can ever replace a dining experience and I am one of those rare breeds that loves a supermarket shop but you cannot argue on the convenience of the service and it seems convenience is quickly becoming a number one for many consumers. So how can you capitalise?

With Airbnb, spin-off businesses have been created to help service the market being created. Security companies developing keyless entry systems for guests, concierge services for guests or support services for hosts. Some businesses may have already been in operation but have certainly adapted and grown because of the ecosystem being created. This most certainly can be applied and replicated in the restaurant delivery market.

A multitude of opportunities

So in answer to my title question. Yes, there are opportunities and I am hoping my business Kitchup will benefit from this growth by providing kitchen space to the restaurants to cope with the extra delivery demand.

But there are lots of other opportunities to be taken from this, where do you think this market can be serviced? Can your existing business adapt or will your ingenious new idea help to service this exciting new market?

Written by Charlie Jones – Founder of Kitchup