Catch up: Melanie Goldsmith – Founder – Smith & Sinclair

There is no denying that the food industry is a competitive market to be in. There are so many food retail products, restaurant concepts and street foods vans doing the same thing. This makes it all the more important to differentiate yourself from your competition and one person that is certainly doing that is the founder of Smith & Sinclair, Melanie Goldsmith.


Smith & Sinclair started when co founders Melanie and Emile started running a series of dating nights, for their friends. To compliment the evenings they created a luxury, sensual sweet with a high alcohol content to get people talking and cause a stir. The sweets proved very popular and quickly became the focal point of every evening. They now have 32 flavours of edible cocktails and these alcoholic pastiles are stocked in a whole host of recognized high street retailers such as Harrods, Selfridges and Harvey Nichols.

We first met Melanie when she was speaking at a FoodStartupLondon event, telling her story to aspiring entrepreneurs. Having used a reserve army kitchen when starting out we were admired by her resourcefulness and shared her passion to use existing space. We recently caught up with Melanie to see how things were going and what advice she could give to our audience:


What was your biggest challenge when starting?

“Being a self funded company meant that we had to work our growth around cashflow but in the lead up to our first Christmas (2014) we did secure a Start Up Loan which was fundamentally a saviour”

What is the best bit of advice you could give to an aspiring food entrepreneur?

“Stop working out the kinks, stop doing r & d and get a basic prototype out there – there is no better feedback than seeing if people will actually buy what your selling”

What does the future hold for Smith & Sinclair?

“We aim to secure 2 large clients to anchor us into outsourcing the bulk of manufacturing for the pastilles in order to focus more on our consultancy arm, and you know, the whole world domination thing”


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