This week we caught up with the lovely Mariella Forte, founder of The Skinny Bakery. Starting back in 2012 the business has grown from a passion for baking healthy cakes to now being stocked in major retailer, Whole Foods. The vision of being able to have your cake and eat it has been achieved by using ingredients such as fruit & vegetable purees, low fat yoghurt and even tofu to keep the calories down. Now with a brand new kitchen Mariella has big plans for the future so we wanted to hear all about it:

Q What has been the biggest challenge starting up?

A The biggest challenge for me starting up was in all honesty getting customers. It was easy for me to focus on making the products I love but getting other people to love them as much as I did wasn’t all that easy. It is a competitive market and I didn’t instantly have the confidence to sell my product and to face potential rejection from customers… Having seen it succeed in a few settings I slowly developed more confidence – it’s a work in progress!


Q How did you manage to get stocked in a major retailer like Whole Foods?

A I contacted them, did not have a contact there (not necessarily who you know, but what you know!). We went through several meetings, product screenings, presentation and a lot of documentation and finally set a product launch date. Being stocked with major retailers takes patience and perseverance in my experience.

The Skinny Bakery

Q What one bit of advice would you part onto an aspiring food entrepreneur?

A NEVER GIVE UP. And be happy to slum it for a bit. Those who fall by the wayside usually become disinterested too quickly, feel too overwhelmed by the hurdle or lose their passion for it… from my limited experience.


Q What are the plans for the future for The Skinny Bakery?

A We would like to make our products more widely available nationwide,  and develop a larger range of products… experimentation is the fun part :).

We are pleased to say that the new Skinny Bakery kitchen in Park Royal is available to rent through Kitchup. Just CLICK HERE to go through to the kitchen space to find more details and book a viewing.