We know the importance of eating a well balanced diet and appreciate the temptation of a well earned treat. Whilst it is well published that our country, continent or even world is facing an obesity epidemic it is also apparent that there is a definite increase in healthy food businesses and the idea of living a “healthy lifestyle”. Hopefully there is a correlation between the two and the rise in the many fitness food delivery services and cold press juice companies is our answer to tackling the obesity problem.

Whether you are creating a healthy food retail brand, a healthy takeaway service or even a health focused street food stall transparency is going to be an important part of making people trust your brand and buy your product or service. But sometimes its not easy to know whats good or bad. Did you know the amount of iron recorded in spinach was labeled wrong for 32 years because someone put the decimal point in the wrong place! Yes, thats a special case and more an interesting fact but you get the message. To clear up the facts and give you some top tips  we have installed the help of Baxter Storey’s Nutritionist Gabriella Roberts.


Gabs! Tell us about why became a Nutritionist?

I always had an interest in food and staying healthy so I decided to study Nutrition at University. Since being diagnosed as a coeliac in 2010, my interest in the correlation between the body and food deepened, leading me to continue down this career path after graduating. I have always wanted to work in a role where I am improving the lives of others and making a difference without being stuck behind a computer screen all day.


What are your thoughts on the rise of healthy food businesses over the last 5 years?

As a nation we are becoming more health conscious and want to know more about what is in the food we eat, so I would certainly agree that informing and educating your customers about what you are doing and why is crucial in the early stages. If you have decided to put beetroot in your brownies to cut the fat content, tell them why!

From my personal experience the free from and especially gluten free market has evolved dramatically and businesses are starting to clock on to this opportunity. The free from market in the UK is estimated to be valued around £238 million and growing so this is something that cannot be ignored.

What are your favourite healthy food businesses out there at the moment?

I always carry an apple and sachet of Pip & Nut peanut butter around with me. Pippa has created a great tasting, healthy product and made it convenient to eat when you’re on the run, literally. Oh and I am in love with my NutriBullet! It’s such an easy way to get those essential nutrients in first thing in the morning that often get missed out later in the day.

What is your top tip for a health related food business?

Don’t over complicated things. Our bodies are not used to the over processed junk that is rife in a lot of food products today, so bring it back to basics. I believe that if you can eat as close as nature intended you can never go too wrong, just embrace the goodness of ingredients.

To keep up to date with the latest nutritional news follow Gabriella on twitter @GabriellaAnnie