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The world of South Asian wedding catering is luxurious, with high expectations placed on caterers to ensure that a wedding day menu is perfect. A competitive and fast-moving industry, we spoke to one such caterer involved in this area, Maharaja, about themselves and their views on the industry.

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1 – Tell us a bit about Maharaja, including how it initially came about.

Maharaja is an Indian catering business with high quality food at the helm. Specialising in wedding food, our chefs offer a fine-dining experience to brides, grooms and guests throughout the UK, having partnered with a long list of venues in our first 2 years of practice. With our founders boasting deep industry experience, they noticed a gap in the market for highbrow Indian catering, creating a service that has taken off tremendously quickly throughout the country.

2 – What do you think it is about Maharaja that has made it into such a household name in the Asian food catering industry?

I think our success has largely come from our ability to let good food do the talking, with a large proportion of our business coming from word-of-mouth. Paired with our amazing website and an in-house digital team, I think our modern take on such a classic service has given this niche industry a second wind.

Offering wedding planning tips and suggestions through our blog, we are much more than a catering firm, doing our best to streamline the wedding planning process.

3 – An Asian wedding, like any wedding, requires a huge amount of planning. How did Maharaja venture into the field of event planning, and why did you think this was necessary?

With the management team having worked in different areas of the wedding market over the years I think strategic wedding planning just comes naturally to us, with access to a whole pool of affiliate partners to make use of. Our attention to detail is also warmly received by clients, with our planning team being all about providing a bespoke service when it comes to making big decisions.

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4 – We read your recent blog about the incredible achievements of Indian badminton player P.V. Sindhu, the first Indian woman ever to win a silver medal in the Olympics! Given that she is from a society where women playing sport is rarely even encouraged, this really is an immense achievement. From your position, interacting with Asian clientele on a daily basis, how important do you think it is for women to step outside of the box that society seems to have placed them in?

We believe it to be incredibly important, with strong Asian women present throughout the Maharaja team. Priding ourselves on modern practice we have seen huge changes in Asian families over the years, with both the bride and the groom sharing responsibility and being at the forefront of decision-making.

We are certainly in a new age where equality is much more prevalent, especially in the workplace.

5 – Given that we’re well and truly in wedding season, what are the current trends in Asian wedding foods?

This season is all about experimenting, especially with colour. As a result, Maharaja chefs have become more inventive than ever when it comes to both food colouring and presentation. With more requests to tie the food in with the theme of the wedding, our services have to be tailored to each event individually.

Just this morning our chefs were working on bright pink potatoes dishes! Soon we will be giving Heston Blumenthal a run for his money.

6 – Are there any Asian foods or delicacies that you feel are underrated, and should become more popular at events?

Here in the UK we have fully embraced Indian food and culture in general, now steering towards the drinks of the country. We are now seeing more and more requests for Indian-spiced teas and liquors, building such courses into our menus.

7 – Given that you work largely in the wedding industry, we imagine that you come across your fair share of anxious clients! What advice would you give to soon to be newly weds and their families for organising a smoothly run wedding?

What we always say to clients is that planning is key and is the only way to create a wedding celebration devoid of stress. This is why we set out timelines, allowing our clients to monitor the progression and ensuring nothing is forgotten or overlooked. While weddings are all about fun and letting your hair down, it is no secret that a lot of hard work has to go in to reap such rewards.

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8 – And finally, what advice would you give to any budding new caterer that is looking to make it in this industry?

Staying true to the product is essential, with memorable food encouraging repeat customers as well as an influx of new ones. Although surprising, so many caterers enter the industry thinking that they cut corners and succeed. The truth is it takes hard work and some seriously skilled chefs to make a name for yourself in wedding catering.

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Thank you to Maharaja for their time! Whether it’s a wedding or corporate event you have in mind, be sure to check out all that Maharaja have on offer to make your day perfect.