We attend a lot of food events to stay up to date with industry trends, make some connections and maybe grab some good food & a beer (even better when its free). Last night we were at Wandsworth Council Enterprise Weeks “How to run a street-food business” and unfortunately no food or beer at this one.

The event didn’t quite have the seamless flow you get used to at start-up events hosted around London these days, however there was some great knowledge shared and a consistent message from a few of the speakers (Mark Laurie – Director at NCASS, Petra Barran – Founder Kerb, Bridget Goodwin – Founder Well Kneaded and Richard Johnson – Founder British Street Food Awards) that resonated with us and we thought was worth sharing.

If you work in the food business there is no doubt that you have to be madly passionate about what you do and whole-heartedly in Love with food. When being this way inclined it is easy to get caught up in your own ideas of what you want to provide and what you think your customers will want. How can anyone not like your 72-day aged beef sliders with either truffle infused, ultra mature or chilli cheddar served with rosemary salt chips, Cajun sweet potato chips, or gluten free polenta chips? Well maybe they will but chances are your customers will be confused by what you offer and won’t come back for more. As the title of this post suggests too much choice isn’t always a good thing, especially not in street food. You are better off concentrating on one offering and making it the best in the business.

You can do all the market research and speaking with the experts you want but the only way you will ever truly know if your idea will work is by getting it out there. Once you have done this, your customer’s feedback will help shape the future of your concept. Start simple, decide on your concept, get it out there, listen to your customers and then refine your offering.